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Mama – The Brindley Theatre, Runcorn (UK)

The Brindley Theatre, Runcorn (UK)

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Are you the ultimate Genesis fan?

It’s just a guess but, you’re here because you don’t believe that any Genesis tribute band could ever do justice to the amazing stage shows that the real Genesis used to tour around the world? Or maybe you’re a fan of many different bands but would never consider venturing out into the world of tribute shows because it just doesn’t appeal?

It can’t be done, can it?

We hear this a lot! Genesis used to tour with a huge light show and this amazing music that was technically brilliant and couldn’t be reproduced by mere mortals. The world of tribute bands is rife with dodgy copy artists who can’t sing, can’t play and generally don’t do justice to the amazing bands and acts that they’re supposedly tributing. Maybe they’re corny? Maybe they sound bad? But there are also many great tribute bands out there if you know where to look.

Let’s be up front here. Mama isn’t the real Genesis. Nor do we want to be the real Genesis (though we’d quite like to be multi-millionaires!). We are Genesis fans. JUST Genesis fans. The reason we perform our shows is because we love the music of Genesis. Some people choose to buy all their albums and listen to them. Some choose to buy their videos and watch them. We do both, but we also like to put shows together to celebrate the music and it’s great that so many like minded people want to help us do that by buying a ticket to see the show.

How do YOU celebrate the music of your favourite bands and artistes?

To us, the best way to celebrate this amazing band and their stunning music is to perform it, play it, sing it and dance along to it (okay, we don’t dance much, because we can’t!). But there’s no point doing this unless we are going to do it justice. Obviously we cannot afford to buy twenty trucks and fill them with scaffolding, lights, speakers and amplifiers and put the show into arenas and stadiums all over the world. What we can do is try to perfect the music and the sound and light it in a Genesis-esque way. The focus is on quality, not quantity.

I still don’t believe it’s possible to pull off a great Genesis show!

Don’t believe them? Well, there’s only one way to find out for yourself what you’re missing. Come to see Mama perform live at a venue near you. As luck would have it, there happens to be such a show taking place on the 4 November 2023! You can buy tickets to see Mama at TheBrindley Theatre in Runcorn, by visiting the ticket page.

What’s more, we’ll offer you a 100 percent money back guarantee! How does it work? Simple, you come and see the show and if you don’t enjoy it thoroughly, simply drop us an email through our website telling us and we’ll refund your ticket! Can’t say fairer than that can we?

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